Guest Services

Leather & Fetish Pride Belgium provides the following guest services for free. Earplugs can be collected at the info booth & shop near the entrance.


If Darklands or the parties get too noisy for you, head to the visitor services kiosk. They’ll be happy to provide you with a free pair of earplugs. We ran out of earplugs on Saturday night last year but to make sure that won’t happen again, we’ve ordere three times the amount for the 2018 edition. Your ears are secured!


All events are strictly non-smoking. This includes e-cigarettes. However, you can enjoy a puff in the smokers’ maze. For the upcoming edition we’ve tripled the flow rate of the smoke extraction unit fore our smokers to enjoy a smoke in a more comfortable setting.


Free condoms, lube, and gloves (in three sizes) are available at the entrance to the playroom or the visitor services kiosk.


Hand sanitizer dispensers are located throughout the venue including the entrance to the darkroom.



If you have any questions regarding the event during your visit, do not hesitate to ask our staff at the info kiosk. They’ll be happy to help you out.