Lockers only

This is a locker only event! It is highly recommended to order your lockers in advance.

Lockers will still be available et the event.

Lockers come in two sizes: small (1-2 persons) and large (2-3 persons). Our lockers use a digital lock so you won’t have to cary around a key and can even share a code with your friends.

You can rent a locker at the event (single rental only) or you can rent a locker in advance in the webshop for a day rental or weekend rental and be sure of the locker size you wish.

SINGLE RENTAL (only available at the event)
1 event (e.g. Darklands on Friday or Rage on Saturday)
LARGE € 10   (No large lockers left during Rage)

DAY RENTAL (only online!)
2 events on the same day (e.g. Darklands on Friday and Fusion)
SMALL € 10
LARGE € 15   (No large lockers left during Rage)

WEEKEND (only online!)
All 6 events, Thursday to Sunday
SMALL € 17
LARGE € 25   (Weekend large lockers sold out)

Advance code delivery
If you decide to order a locker in advance, we will send you your locker number and code by e-mail 1 week in advance. This way you won’t have to queue at the venue.

Alpha tickets include a personal large locker.

Locker sizes

 Locker S


 Locker L


1-2 persons
Approx. size : 25x35x45


2-3 persons
Approx. size : 30x43x45


Please mind

• There’s no need to pay a deposit, our lockers work with a digital code.
• Lockers will be emptied after the rental period has ended.
• Codes will only work for the event/period you’ve chosen.
• Use of the lockers at own risk
• Keep your code secret