Jack Thompson

International Mister Leather 2019

This is my first time at Darklands and I have heard nothing but amazing stories from my many friends that have had the privilege of participating in the past. I’m ready to meet some new friends and experience this amazing event.

Jack Thompson is International Mr. Leather 2019! He is a widely respected leather craftsman, performer, and wolf.

He is founding father of ONYX Northwest and current member of ONYX Mid-Atlantic. Jack both represented Mr. May in the Bare Chest calendar and became the 2019 Leatherman of Color. A proud biracial, transgender, HIV-positive Leatherman. He flags black and navy on the right, light pink and kelly green on the left, and houndstooth  down the middle.


Mister Leather Europe 2019

When a small town in Belgium becomes the metropolis of fetish!

As Mr. Leather Europe 2019, I wish to welcome you in Antwerp at Darklands.

This is the long weekend at the end of our bleak European winter, when the whole European fetish community comes together for a weekend of fun. A weekend where you can live your wildest fantasies.

I wish you all an amazing time. Be yourself, stay safe and try to take some of the freedom and inhibition home with you, as the biggest objections preventing us from being who we really are, often exist in our own heads.

Let’s play and have fun!


Mister Leather Belgium 2019

It is an amazing chance for the Belgian fetish scene to have a very professional and committed team organizing in our country one of the most attended and exciting fetish events in the world. I am honoured to welcome you all at Darklands in Antwerp. 

Darklands is a place where you can be who you want to be, enjoying the numerous events and parties… and purchasing new fetish outfits to spice up your life and live your fantasies. With respect and responsibility. And with a thought for our brothers and sisters who – in many countries – can unfortunately not enjoy the rights and freedom we have in our country.

 I wish you all much fun as well as many exciting and interesting encounters. Let’s be proud of our international and open fetish family, where we can build strong friendships beyond all differences of origin and background.

I am looking forward to meeting you at Darklands.


Mister International Rubber 2019

Traveling the world makes you realize that every community and every event are all different, out of all the places you can go, Darklands is a real wonderland for kinksters. 

It is a place where you can enjoy good shows, amazing parties, and have the time of your life walking arround the venue. It was an eye opening experience for me to attend in 2019, I could not believe that such heaven for gay men exhisted! 

The market is simply incredible with brands and crafters from all over the world, everybody can find something to add to there gear collection or simply to find supplies for your next piggy moment. 

Darklands regroups kinksters from everywhere, you see friends, members of your chosen family, and it’s the perfect place to make new encounters, some that will last a lifetime, others that will last an orgasm! 

Let yourself embrace that beautiful moment you’re about to live, and let yourself go to wonderland


Mister Rubber Europe 2019

I am what I am, I am my own special creation (Gloria Gaynor, 1984)

This time of the year, I couldn’t be prouder as a Belgian, to welcome you all at Darklands! Turning the Waagnatie into a place where kinksters of all kinds of origins, formats, and ways of life, can express themselves freely.

I would like to invite you all, to celebrate diversity as the community we are! Treat every person with the respect we would like to receive from a perfect environment and maybe even find some interest in that what is ‘yet to be discovered’!

Because ‘we’ create the atmosphere that makes this event to something special! Let’s set the example of what tolerance and acceptance should be like and enjoy this wonderful weekend to the fullest!

Avenge & Flash

Mr SuperheroEurope 2019

Greetings from 2019’ Misters SuperHero Fetish. 

As SuperHero, it is our duty to inform you about the return of this big adventure that is Darkland ! 

It would be a shame for you to miss it! Whether you are a Super Leather, a Super Pup, a Super Rubber or any Super at all ! This is your moment…

Get out of the shadow, feel it burning inside you, the time has come for you to rise and shine !

Come along with your brightestoutfits, and join us in this torrid adventure ! 

And don’t forget, Darlkand is a magic place where all your dreams (and fantasies) can come true. Make a wish ! 

Join us, wear your colours, show us your fetish and let’s show everybody how strong and united our community is.

Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Producer Darklands Festival

During my speech at Darklands last year, I promised to take you guys to an abandoned theme park in 2020. I meant that figuratively of course. Unfortunately, Darklands is not that lucrative that we would be able to buy a full theme park despite the rumors after last year’s event.

It might not be a real theme park, but our re-imagined one at Waagnatie will surely blow you away. We’ve added an extra construction day to ensure we get everything built in time. And we’ve added an extra day to the entire weekend.

‘Extra’ is, by the way, the word of Darklands 2020. This year we’re adding a lot of extras. First is the extra day of Darklands I’ve already mentioned. Thursday also includes pop-up bars, our new fetish cabaret for charity and an extra party called ‘Mayhem’.

The vendor market gets an early start at 4pm on Friday and continuous Saturday and Sunday. That’s followed each evening by our regular blockbuster parties including Fusion (Friday), Rage (Saturday), and Fury (Sunday).

For the first time we’re collaborating with the Fetish Café Antwerp to bring you events where you can take your girlfriends. There are also extra new activities including a horse fair at Darklands, a Darklands Cruize on the river Scheldt, and a guided city walk. We’ve added several themed bars and an extra food outlet, an old-style American diner in a heated pavilion just outside the venue.

The darkrooms are bigger and bolder than ever before and feature themed zones such as Badlantis, Wild West, and Rose Butt Cave. Make sure you don’t miss ‘It’s a Small Hole After All’, our top attraction. The vendor market has also grown to include an extra five vendors including international names such as Fort Troff and Fetch.

I’m confident that all these extras will give you extra fun and pleasure you have never experienced before. Let us entertain you!