General Ticket Information

Single & Combi Tickets

Check our single tickets and combi tickets pages for a list of available tickets. You can check the entire Darklands program here.

Wristband early collection

You can exchange your combi ticket for a wristband at Café Santos in advance of Darklands. This way you won’t need to queue at the venue on first arrival.

WED 4 March 2020 2 – 7 pm
THU 5 March 2020 2 – 7 pm
FRI 6 March 2020 2 – 4 pm

Combi tickets only

This service is only available for combi tickets. If you have a single ticket for an event, you will need to exchange it at the venue on arrival.

Beware of fake tickets!

Do not buy Darklands tickets on the black market. You will be excluded from the event. The past years we turned away several people who presented fake or black market tickets. You can buy Leather & Fetish Pride and Darklands tickets through a number of official channels.

Limited tickets

After years of growth, last year we decided to cap the number of tickets we sell. Comfort, safety, and guest experience are our key goals and we want to make sure that is what we can offer.
Make sure to book tickets you want the most as soon as possible. The Alpha Madness Pass was sold out in October for the past edition.