Frequently asked questions

Is it allowed to wear fetish gear at Darklands?

Yes! we even strongly encourage it. 95% of our visitors wear fetish gear. However we do not allow cross dressing, that’s another event.

How can I attend a workshop?

Workshops are available for a small charge of € 10. You can order tickets for workshops online. We allow 20 attendees every time, be sure to be in time. 

Can I change my clothes at Darklands?

Yes, we have a changing room and lockers available.

Is the dark room accesible at Darklands?

The darkroom will be available during the day. Condoms, lube and gloves are at your disposal for free.

How can I get to Darklands?

The easiest way is by car. There is a large parking area in front of the venue, at only €3,80 per day. If you take a taxi, ask them to drive you to ‘Waagnatie, Rijnkaai 150’. They’ll all no it. On only 100 meter from the venue there is a city bike rental station (Rijnkaai) as well as a bus stop (Stop: Rijnkaai, service by bus line 17 and 291). Check our directions for more information.

Can I re-enter for free?

Yes you can enter and re-enter Darklands with your wristband as much as you like on both Saturday and Sunday for the same price.