Darklands Bars

Besides the main bars at both our stages, Darklands is offering three themed bars. All three are remains of the former theme park, now put to use to service the hottest guests at Darklands.

The Blue Oyster bar and Paddy’s Ice Bar both host several socials throughout the weekend. The ideal place to get in touch with other guests with the same interest or background. 


Paddy's Ice bar "The Frozen Irishman"

The year is 2047. Global warming turned into global freezing and transformed planet Earth into a giant icy popsicle. Only a small portion of land is stil inhabitable, Ireland. It’s because of the magical beer they drink: Guinness.  Visit Paddy in his frozen Irish pub where you’ll find many new friends whilst enjoying a pint of Guinness.

The Blue Oyster bar

That name doesn’t ring a bell? You never watched Police Academy? In that case we can inform you that the Blue Oyster Bar is the worlds most famous leather bar, disco ball included. The music here varies from Punk to German Schlager depending of the time of the day. We think this might be the place where you’ll close your night.

The Puppy Paw Bar at Camp K9

For the very first time, the puppies invite you for a drink at Camp K9. A nice resting area and cosy bar make this the ideal stop for the handler and his pup. Of course, drinks are served in a cup or a bowl.

Paddy’s Icebar
Located opposite to Embossy Boots in hall 1. Secondary entrance near the Mister B Theatre bar.

The Blue Oyster bar

Located behind Latex 101 and next to the toilets in hall 1.

The Puppy Paw Bar

Located in Camp K9 in Hall 1.