Camp K9 at Darklands is dedicated to pups and their handlers. With a giant ball pit, mosh area, and plenty of puppy play equipment on hand, here’s where pups, handlers, and friends can join in the fun and pup out!

Camp K9 is run by the Mr Puppy Team (Mr Puppy UK organisers and Mr Puppy Europe Organising Committee) and Puppy Play France team (1st French Puppy Group organizer of the Mr Puppy France contest), who will be on hand to help pups and handlers get the most out of their Darklands experience. Also, you’ll have a chance to meet and interact with the contestants for Mr Puppy Europe, who will come down to Camp K9 as part of the contest to join in and mosh with you!

Pup Olympics

At K9 camp, come participated in the Pup’Olympics to reveal the Champion in you. Sharpen your basic pup instinct and awaken your senses. The Pups will have to demonstrate their agility and tenacity to achieve this playful exploration. Handlers and Friends are welcome to support all the Pups engaged.

Check in soon to learn more about the full Camp K9 program.


FRI 6 MAR: 16h-20h
SAT 7 MAR:: 13h-20h
SUN 8 MAR: 13h-18h